Ghanaians urge police to arrest wealthy Boys who are casually throwing money into club pools.

Ghanaians are urging the police to take action against a group of wealthy individuals in Accra, known as the Accra Rich Boys, for disrespecting the national currency, the Cedi.

The incident took place at the Oasis Lounge in Accra, where the group of Rich Boys were partying and decided to show off their wealth by throwing money on the floor.

Unfortunately, the location of their party was near a pool, causing the money to end up in the water.

A video circulating on social media shows one of the individuals using his legs to push the money into the pool, sparking outrage among Ghanaians.

The public outcry is further fueled by the fact that neighboring country Nigeria is currently prosecuting individuals for similar acts of disrespecting their currency.

Ghanaians are calling for the Ghana Police Service to take action and arrest the Accra Rich Boys for defacing the Cedi.

Many believe that such behavior should not be tolerated, especially during a time when the economy is facing challenges.

The video has garnered negative reactions online, with many expressing disappointment in the actions of the individuals involved.

Ghanaians are hoping that the authorities will take swift action to hold the Accra Rich Boys accountable for their actions and send a strong message against disrespecting the national currency.

Watch video below…

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