Giving 50 Cedis Or Less As Offering In Church Is An Insult – Prophet Kumchacha

A self-proclaimed spokesperson for all Ghanaian men and women of faith, Prophet Kumchacha, has joined the conversation surrounding Angel Obinim’s statement about not accepting 10 cedis or less as an offertory.

In an interview on Hitz FM, Prophet Kumchacha expressed his opinion that it is embarrassing for church members to give offerings of 50 cedis or less.

He argued that with the rising cost of goods and services, the amount given during offertory should be increased accordingly.

Prophet Kumchacha highlighted that many people spend around 10 cedis on transportation to attend church, so it is unreasonable for them to give less than 50 cedis as an offering. He agreed with Bishop Obinim’s assertion that prices have gone up, and therefore, the amount given during offertory should reflect this reality.

When asked about his recommended amount for offertory, Prophet Kumchacha suggested that 50 cedis and above would be appropriate.

He criticized those who attend church in comfortable conditions with expensive gadgets but only contribute a small amount during offertory, labeling it as disgraceful.

He emphasized that individuals who are not willing to give generously should stay home rather than attend church and make minimal offerings.

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