God created Yahoo Scams and the first ever Yahoo Boy is in the Bible- Pastor reveals (Watch Video)

An unidentified Nigerian Pastor recently made a shocking statement regarding online scamming, also known as Yahoo Yahoo, claiming that many individuals involved in this illegal activity will still make it to Heaven.

The Pastor argued that God created Yahoo, therefore engaging in it is not considered a sin.

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He even went as far as to say that the first Yahoo boy in history can be found in the Bible, identified as Jacob.

According to the Pastor, Jacob deceived his father to steal his brother’s blessing, which is seen as an early form of scamming.

The Pastor pointed out that since Jacob is believed to be in Heaven, then it is likely that other Yahoo boys may also find themselves there.

The Pastor’s controversial remarks have sparked a debate online, with many questioning his interpretation of scripture and moral values.

The video of the Pastor making these claims has since gone viral, drawing both criticism and support from various individuals.

Watch the video below:..

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