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“God Is Punishing Those Celebrities Who Dragged Me When I Was Arrested” – Akuapem Poloo

Akuapem Poloo was taken into custody by the Ghanaian police for sharing pictures of herself and her son on social media.

Following her arrest, she claimed that several celebrities initiated a campaign under the hashtag “free Poloo,” but she suspected that some of them secretly wished for her to be imprisoned.

Despite this, she expressed gratitude to God for the fact that many of these celebrities are now facing their legal issues.

Poloo’s photos sparked controversy and led to her being charged with inappropriate behavior and violating child protection laws.

The support she received from some celebrities seemed insincere to her, as they appeared to be more interested in their public image than genuinely standing by her side during her ordeal.

However, Poloo found solace in the knowledge that karma had caught up with these celebrities, as they found themselves entangled in their own legal troubles.

She viewed this as a form of divine justice and a validation of her suspicions regarding their true intentions.

Despite the challenges she faced, Poloo remained resilient and expressed her faith in a higher power.

She saw the turn of events as a testament to the idea that those who wish ill upon others often face consequences themselves.

Through it all, she remained thankful for the support of those who stood by her genuinely during her difficult time.

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