Gospel musician Anita Afriyie doesn’t pick calls from her husband and kids after her husband helped her relocate abroad.

Anita Afriyie, a well-known gospel artist in Ghana, has reportedly been ignoring calls and texts from her husband and children following their years of marriage.

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Her husband, Dan Key, revealed in a recent interview that Anita had abandoned their family after receiving assistance from him to travel overseas.

He expressed his disappointment, stating that Anita has let everyone down, including their children, and described her as incredibly ungrateful.

Dan Key shared that Anita does not respond to their attempts to communicate with her since she left for abroad.

After the interview, many Ghanaians shared their thoughts on the situation. Some believed that Dan Key may be lazy and unwilling to work, while others felt that Anita was showing ingratitude towards her family.

Speculations arose, with some suggesting that Anita might be involved in a relationship in the US, where she is currently residing.

Others pointed out the challenges Anita may be facing, such as having recently given birth in the US and struggling to balance work and caring for her baby without a permanent home.

There were also concerns about involving the children in the dispute and the need to hear Anita’s side of the story.

Many questioned why a mother would leave her young children behind if there was a possibility of reuniting with them.

Overall, the situation has sparked debate and raised questions about the complexities of family dynamics and personal circumstances.

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