Gospel musicians need money more than the Government- Celestine Donkor

Gospel musician Celestine Donkor has dismissed the notion that gospel musicians do not require money.

In an interview on Property FM, she emphasized that despite being in service to God, gospel music is a business that requires financial support.

Donkor acknowledged that while some songs may come through divine inspiration, funds are still needed to record and promote them.

She highlighted the importance of financial resources for studio time, promotions, and appearances, comparable to secular musicians.

Donkor emphasized that gospel artists, like doctors or teachers, rely on their talents to earn a living. She emphasized that just as a doctor invests in education, gospel musicians invest in their craft.

Donkor argued that those who believe gospel musicians should not earn money misunderstand the industry’s demands.

She stressed that the financial requirements of gospel music are substantial and necessary for success.

Donkor concluded by asserting that gospel musicians deserve to earn a living from their work, emphasizing the importance of financial support in their ministry.


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