“Government Can’t Employ All Of You , Don’t Be Shy, I Will Employ You” – Charcoal Producer To Unemployed Graduates

• Charcoal Producer Opens Job Opportunities to Graduates
• Producer expresses concern over high graduate unemployment rate.
• Emphasizes openness to all legal forms of work, as long as it contributes to food production.
• Highlights that not everyone is suitable for government employment or office jobs.
• Has already hired a graduate and eager to provide more opportunities.
• Encourages graduates to explore alternative career paths for stability and growth.
• Demonstrates commitment to empowering youth and addressing unemployment.
• Provides practical solutions and fosters hope for those seeking employment.


A charcoal producer is extending a warm invitation to graduates in need of employment opportunities.

In a video message, he expressed concern over the high rate of graduate unemployment but also emphasized the importance of being open to all legal forms of work, as long as it helps in putting food on the table.

The producer highlighted the fact that not everyone can be employed by the government, and not everyone is suited to office jobs with air conditioning.

He shared that he has already hired a graduate and is eager to provide more opportunities, whether the individual holds a university degree or has completed nursing training.

The producer’s message serves as a reminder that there are various avenues for employment beyond traditional office roles.

By welcoming graduates to explore opportunities within the charcoal production industry, he is encouraging them to consider alternative career paths that may offer stability and growth.

This gesture also reflects a willingness to support young professionals in their pursuit of meaningful work.

Overall, the producer’s openness to hiring graduates demonstrates a commitment to empowering the youth and addressing the pressing issue of unemployment.

By providing opportunities within his company, he is not only offering practical solutions but also fostering a sense of hope and possibility for those seeking employment.

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