“Guys Keep Using And Dumping Me” – Ghanaian songstress Akiyana

During an interview, Akiyana revealed that her past relationships have all been disappointing. She expressed her frustration with the fact that all three of the guys she dated ended up wasting her time, using her, and then dumping her.

The talented singer lamented that her exes took advantage of her loyalty, which led to her heartbreak.

Akiyana shared that she always puts her all into her relationships, going as far as cooking and doing laundry for her partners.

Despite her efforts, she was left feeling hurt and betrayed each time. Surprisingly, she disclosed that she is still a virgin, as she believes in waiting until marriage to engage in sexual activities.

When it comes to her ideal partner, Akiyana emphasized that kindness and caring are the most important qualities to her.

She stated that she is not concerned with a person’s appearance or financial status. Instead, she values someone who treats her with respect and appreciation.

Overall, Akiyana’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of mutual respect and understanding in a relationship.

Despite her past disappointments, she remains hopeful that she will find someone who truly values and cherishes her.

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