GWR: Ghanaian man goes on a walk-a-thon from Techiman to Accra [Watch trending video]

Seidu Rafiwu, a young man from Ghana, has started his most ambitious walking marathon yet in Techiman.

His goal is to trek from Techiman to Accra, with a planned stop in Kumasi before midnight.

This challenging journey covers a distance of around 400 kilometers and Rafiwu hopes to raise awareness for a cause that he has not yet disclosed.

To ensure his safety during this long trek, an ambulance is accompanying Rafiwu, ready to provide medical assistance in case of any emergencies.

Rafiwu’s determination and endurance are truly admirable as he takes on this difficult challenge that will lead him across the country.

Today at 8 am, Seidu Rafiwu set off on his journey, walking with purpose and determination.

His dedication to completing this walkathon from Techiman to Accra, with a stop in Kumasi, is a testament to his strength and commitment to raising awareness for a cause close to his heart.

As he embarks on this journey, we commend Seidu Rafiwu for his bravery and wish him all the best on his trek across Ghana.

Checkout video below…

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