Diana Armstrong

GWR: Meet Diana Armstrong, The Woman With Longest Fingernails From 1997

Diana Armstrong, a woman from Minnesota, made headlines in 2022 for holding the Guinness World Record for the longest women’s fingernails ever recorded.

Diana Armstrong has not cut her nails since 1997, allowing them to grow to an astonishing length of over 13 meters when laid end to end. Diana’s nails have become so long that they even touch the ground, and she enjoys decorating them with different colors.


The Guinness World Records Instagram account celebrated Diana’s achievement, noting that the combined length of her fingernails exceeds that of a standard yellow school bus.

Despite the practical challenges of having such long nails, Diana has found ways to navigate daily tasks. She explained in an interview that she uses a lot of toilet paper and has adapted to uniquely working with her nails.

While some online users have expressed curiosity about how Diana manages everyday activities like fitting into a car or wearing clothes, she has found ways to adapt.


Diana’s decision to grow her nails so long stems from a tragic event in her life – the sudden passing of her 16-year-old daughter, Latisha, due to an asthma attack. Keeping her nails long has become a way for Diana to honor her daughter’s memory and cope with her grief.

Despite the challenges she faces, Diana remains committed to preserving her daughter’s legacy through her unique record-breaking nails.


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