Hajia Bintu’s luxurious trip to Dubai sparks speculation that she might engage in P**ta-P**ty.

Ghanaian social media influencer and TikTok sensation, Hajia Bintu, has generated significant reactions following her latest social media display of opulence. The popular TikToker shared a video of herself flying first class to Dubai, stirring a frenzy among her followers.

In the shared video, Bintu is seen comfortably settled in her private cabin on the plane. Adding to her grandeur, she sported an elegant hairdo while flaunting her skin, with her chest fully on display. Bintu announced her arrival in Dubai but left her followers guessing as to the purpose of her visit.

The absence of details regarding her trip has sparked speculation amongst social media users. Some fans have suggested that she may have been contracted for a dirty business deal with a wealthy individual in Dubai. This speculation is rooted in the influencer’s display of luxury, which has led to assumptions about what might have occasioned the trip.

Despite these allegations, Bintu has yet to confirm or refute these claims. The influencer’s opulent display continues to be a topic of discussion among her fans and followers, generating mixed reactions. Whether her trip is for business or leisure remains a matter of speculation.


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