Have kids when you are ready, not because you love a man – Yvonne Nelson advises

• Yvonne Nelson, a Ghanaian actress and producer, suggests having children with friends rather than romantic partners.
• She believes love can distract from raising children and that public arguments on social media can negatively impact children’s future.
• She suggests having a child with someone not in love may be better due to potential emotional turmoil from a cheating spouse.
• Yvonne believes in a foundation of mutual respect for child-rearing.
• She emphasizes the importance of being responsible and ready to have a child, not just due to feelings for a partner.


Ghanaian actress and producer Yvonne Nelson believes that it is preferable to have children with a friend rather than someone you are romantically involved with.

In an interview with Andy Dosty, Yvonne expressed her opinion that love can be a distraction when it comes to raising a child.

She observed that parents often engage in public arguments on social media, which can negatively impact their children’s future, all because of the love they share.

Yvonne suggested that having a child with someone you are not in love with may be a better option. She pointed out that when a spouse whom you love cheats, it can lead to emotional turmoil and conflict.

Yvonne mentioned her desire to have more children and indicated that she has friends who may be willing to co-parent with her.

According to Yvonne, the foundation for having children should be based on mutual respect rather than love.

She stressed that if a man and a woman are both prepared to raise children, they should do so without any romantic attachment to each other.

Yvonne emphasized the importance of being responsible and ready to have a child, rather than getting pregnant simply because of feelings for a partner.

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