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“He is not the first person to cheat” – Lilwin’s wife defends the actor amidst infidelity rumors

Recent social media activity by LilWin’s wife Maame Serwaa, has sparked speculation about the state of their marriage. Currently residing in the United States, Serwaa has candidly shared the struggles of being a single mother to three children, while also maintaining a job.

Her TikTok post read, “Life in the USA as a single mother taking care of three kids all by myself and working at the same time. May God bless my hustle.”

The reference to herself as a ‘single mother’ has raised eyebrows among netizens, prompting questions about her relationship with LilWin. Some have speculated if she is trying to mask some pressing marital issues.

Adding fuel to the fire was an anonymous internet user who claimed to have evidence of LilWin’s infidelity, threatening to reveal all on social media. Serwaa retorted, “Bring whatever you have, he is not the first person cheating on his wife.” The post has since been deleted.

Furthermore, Serwaa responded curtly to another user who blamed her for allegedly ‘snatching’ LilWin from his ex-wife and keeping her two children.

The couple has yet to address these speculations publicly, leaving their followers in suspense about the status of their marriage.

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