“He stopped talking to me after I told him my rent is due.” – Lady narrates how a guy he met ditched her

A Lady  on X with the the username @Jojonita recently shared an experience she had with a man who showed interest in her. They were in the talking stage of their relationship when she casually mentioned that her house rent was about to expire.

Surprisingly, this seemingly innocent statement brought their budding connection to an abrupt end. The man stopped talking to her and completely cut off communication with her.

Jojonita expressed her confusion and disappointment over the situation, as she clarified that she never asked him to pay her rent. She took to social media to share her story, writing, “Met this guy yesterday we got talking I told him my house rent will expire this month and baba stop talking to me, I only told him I didn’t ask him to pay o.”

The incident left Jojonita feeling puzzled and perhaps a bit hurt, as she had not anticipated such a strong reaction from the man. It seemed as though the mention of her rent expiring was a deal-breaker for him, causing their conversations to come to an unexpected halt.

This experience serves as a reminder of the complexities of human interactions and the different ways in which people may react to certain topics or situations. Jojonita’s story resonated with many online users, sparking discussions about communication, expectations, and the dynamics of relationships.

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