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Henry Fitz drops screenshot of his chat with Nana Aba Anamoah as he claims he has her leak video (see details)

• Henry Fitz shares first chats with Nana Aba on Dec 3, after missing her audio calls.
• He later shared his recent post about Nana Aba’s financial demands on social media.
• He claims that Nana Aba sent the video to Stone, a friend of Henry’s, asking him to pay her house rent.
• Henry believes that if he had ill intentions, it would have been towards Nana Aba, not Serwaa.
• He reveals that his friend Stone continues to provide financial support to Nana Aba, including funding for her room furniture.
• Henry believes that Serwaa is not as significant in the situation and that if he had intentions, it would have been Nana Aba Anamoah.
• He is not interested in leaking a video of anyone, but he will speak out if it tarnishes his image.


Henry Fitz has recently disclosed his initial conversations with Nana Aba, shedding light on her decision to send the video to an individual named Stone, who happens to be a friend of Henry’s currently living in America.

According to Henry, Nana Aba allegedly sent the video to Stone, requesting him to cover her house rent. He thinks that if he had any bad intentions, it would have been directed towards Nana Aba, as he believes she deserves it more.

Henry is contemplating his interactions with Nana Aba and Serwaa, and he discovers that his friend, Stone, is still financially assisting Nana Aba.

Stone is even funding her room furniture, which he believes is more costly than the money involved in Serwaa’s blackmail. In his perspective, Serwaa is not as relevant in this particular scenario.

According to him, if there were any intentions of blackmailing someone, it would have been directed towards Nana Aba Anamoah rather than Serwaa.

Henry has no intention of sharing a video featuring any of the characters, but he is willing to damage his own reputation in order to express his thoughts.

It is challenging to ascertain the credibility of the different parties involved due to the intricate nature of the situation and the multiple layers of the story.

Henry Fitz drop his first chat with Nana Aba Anamoah

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