Henry Has Been Blackmailing Me Since 2019- Serwaa Amihere Speaks About Her Leaked Video

In a self-recorded video posted online, Bempah claims that he had a conversation with Serwaa Amihere after a certain video was released. Bempah stated that during their conversation, Serwaa Amihere informed him that Henry was her boyfriend at one point, but they ended their relationship for reasons that were not disclosed.

According to Serwaa, after they broke up, Henry began blackmailing her with a video of her in a compromising position.

She revealed that since 2019, Henry had been demanding money from her, threatening to release the video if she did not comply with his demands.

Initially, Serwaa gave in to Henry’s demands and paid him the money he asked for.

However, she eventually decided to stop giving him money, which led to Henry leaking the videos online.

This situation has caused a lot of distress for Serwaa, as she never intended for the videos to be made public. The blackmail and extortion have taken a toll on her emotionally and mentally.

It is a troubling situation that highlights the dangers of sharing personal information and videos with others.

It is important to be cautious about who we trust and what we share, as it can be used against us in harmful ways.

Serwaa’s story serves as a reminder to be vigilant and protect our privacy in an increasingly digital world.

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