Homeless Lady Finds $1 Million in Trash Bin, Returns It to Ungrateful Owner Who Kicks Her Out

• Edith, a homeless pastry chef, returns $1 million to an arrogant businessman.
• The businessman treats her rudely and throws her $100.
• Edith’s honesty and kindness lead to a successful pastry business.
• Years later, she refuses to serve desserts at the businessman’s party, instead giving them to the homeless.
• The story emphasizes kindness, respect, and perseverance amidst adversity.
• It emphasizes that bad times don’t last forever and standing up for what’s right leads to success.


A homeless woman named Edith returned $1 million to an arrogant businessman, only to be humiliated and kicked out by him. Several years later, karma caught up with him.

Edith, who used to be a pastry chef before losing everything in a fire, worked at an animal shelter to make ends meet.

While working, she found a bag of money and returned it to her boss, who then asked her to return it to the owner.

When she returned the money to the businessman, he treated her rudely and tossed $100 at her.

However, Edith’s honesty and kindness were eventually rewarded when she was offered a full-time job and started her own successful pastry business.

Years later, she refused to serve desserts at the businessman’s party after recognizing him as the same man who had mistreated her. She gave the desserts to the homeless instead and left the businessman embarrassed.

This story teaches us the importance of kindness, respect, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

It shows that bad times don’t last forever and that standing up for what is right can lead to success and fulfillment.

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