“How dare crush on my husband” – Wife blocks female friend for gushing over her husband’s handsomeness

A doctor from Nigeria who is active on social media recently shared a story about how his wife reacted when her female friend openly expressed admiration for his looks.

The doctor, known as @DrJohnBishop on a popular social media platform, recounted how his wife took immediate action after her friend complimented him. The friend apparently told the wife directly that she thought the doctor was very handsome and how lucky she was to have him as a husband.

In response to this, the doctor’s wife decided to block her friend on all social media platforms. The doctor shared this incident with his followers, explaining that his wife had informed him about the friend’s comments praising his appearance. The friend had specifically mentioned that he was a good-looking man who was tall, dark, and handsome.

The doctor’s wife’s reaction to her friend’s comments was to cut off all communication with her on social media. The doctor expressed his amusement at his wife’s swift action in response to her friend’s inappropriate remarks about him. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of setting boundaries in relationships and respecting the sanctity of marriage.

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