“How Do People Surv!ve In Accra, Food Is Too Expens!ve” – Beautiful Lady Cries Over Cost Of Food After Moving From Wa To Accra

A Ghanaian woman has expressed her frustration on social media about the high cost of living in Accra.

Originally from Wa in the Upper West region, she questioned why food is so expensive in the capital city.

In a video shared on TikTok, the woman, known as Zakia Kunge, was seen sitting behind a bowl of fufu, complaining about the price while eating it.

She mentioned that the meal cost her GH¢32, with an additional GH¢60 for delivery from East Legon to Adenta, making the total GH¢92.

Zakia Kunge compared the cost to what she would pay in WA and emphasized how much cheaper it would be there.

She expressed her disbelief at the high prices in Accra and called on people to understand the challenges faced by those living there.

After the video went viral, viewers suggested that Zakia should cook her own food instead of buying it. The post on her TikTok page received over 2.6k likes and 339 comments within 24 hours.

Some comments encouraged her to try cooking at home, while others joked about the exorbitant delivery fee.

Despite the advice, Zakia defended her position and joked about the high cost of living in other places like Tarkwa.

Watch video below…

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