osei kwame despite
osei kwame despite

How Rich is Osei Kwame Despite and here is how he makes his money.

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite is a well-known Ghanaian entrepreneur who has established himself as one of the most successful businesspeople in the country.

He has had a big influence on a variety of businesses, amassed wealth, and established himself as a prominent figure in the Ghanaian business community.

Born in the community of Agona Wiamoase, which is located in the Ashanti Region, life wasn’t easy for the now-millionaire.

He began his professional life as a minister in Dunkwa-Offinso, which is located in the Central Region of Ghana.

He sold various things, including music cassettes, feeding bottles, padlocks, and more. Following several years in which they were unable to make ends meet, he and his colleagues moved to Lagos, Ghana.

osei kwame despite

In 1983, he made his way back to Ghana along with other Ghanaians who had fled Nigeria as a result of the political instability that was occurring in that nation. Proceeded to his home country.

The Despite Group of Companies, which comprises a well-known media conglomerate that includes radio stations, newpaper publications, and interactive platforms, is one of the most successful enterprises that Osei Kwame Dеspite has ever owned and operated.

Throughout this piece, we will introduce the many channels via which Dr. Osei Kwame Dеspite brings in his research.

1. His media empire, which serves as thе basis for his wealth

An important contributor to Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s financial well-being, the mеdia еmpirе he has built.

In addition to being the founder and owner of Despite Group of Companiеs, he is also the proprietor of several other media stations, such as Peace FM, Neat FM, Okay FM, Hello FM, and UTV.

osei kwame despite

Not surprisingly, a lot of people in Ghana listen to and watch these radio and TV stations that have been getting a lot of attention lately.


The success of these media outlets may be due to the fact that they offer a wide range of content, such as news, entertainment, music, and sports.

osei kwame despite

By utilizing advertising, sponsorships, and collaborations with a wide variety of businesses and brands, Dr. Osei Kwame has successfully generated revenue from these social enterprises.

Additionally, it makes cash through the development of materials for various media platforms, as well as the sales of advertisements that are shown on the air.

2. Real estate investments: putting togethеr a portfolio of owned properties


Additionally, Dr. Osei Kwame’s large real estate assets provide a consistent source of income for him. Throughout his career, he has amassed a large number of properties in Ghana’s most deprived neighborhoods.

osei kwame despite

Residential structures, business spaces, hotels, and retail malls are all included in this category of residential apartments.

Through the process of drawing out these properties, Dr. Osei Kwame is able to create a consistent flow of revenue each month.



He also benefits from the fact that property values go up over time, which means he might be able to sell the properties for more money in the future.

osei kwame despite

He can also look into the possibility of developing and expanding the properties he owns, which would give him even more opportunities to make money.

3. Food Products

Dr. Osei Kwame established NEAT FOODS LTD, which is responsible for the processing of our native plantains, cocoyam, maize, and palm fruits.

osei kwame despite

One thing they make is NEAT fufu, which has become a popular choice instead of regular fufu.


He also owns a company called ANTONA FOODS LTD. that makes the popular THIS WAY chocolate drink and other flavors, like the Motherlac cereal for kids.

osei kwame despite and wife

Additionally, it is the owner of U2 Company Limited, which is a salt mining corporation with its headquarters in Winneba.

Osei Kwame and Ernest Sarpong are the owners of U2 Company Limited, which is a joint venture company.


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