I always do my makeup before cooking because I believe if I’m beautiful, my food will be nice – Actress Chizzy Alichi

Actress Chizzy Alichi has revealed the reason behind her habit of always applying makeup before cooking in the kitchen.

In a video she shared, Chizzy explained that she has a belief that if she looks beautiful, her food will turn out delicious as well.

This is a practice she particularly follows when preparing intercontinental dishes.

The video captures Chizzy confidently cooking in the kitchen, fully made up and looking glamorous.

This unique approach to cooking has sparked interest and curiosity among her fans and followers. By associating beauty with the quality of her cooking, Chizzy showcases her personal style and philosophy in the kitchen.

This unconventional method highlights her attention to detail and desire to create not only tasty dishes but also visually appealing ones.

The video serves as a glimpse into Chizzy’s cooking routine and adds a touch of glamour to the culinary experience.

It has garnered attention and engagement on social media, with many intrigued by her reasoning behind this interesting kitchen ritual.

Watch the video below…

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