“I am a big celebrity i can’t work as a cleaner in Germany”- Big Akwess

Due to ego problems, Big Akwes and her German base wife’s marriage is having difficulties.

Just a year into their marriage, Big Akwes and his wife, who resides in Germany, are already encountering some difficulties.

The actor relocated from Ghana to Germany with his wife, but unfortunately, they have encountered numerous challenges along the way.

The actor frequently shares emotional performances on TikTok, playing sorrowful songs while shedding tears. This portrayal may give the impression that he is not finding happiness in his marriage.

People often misinterpret the husband’s emotional outbursts as a sign of mistreatment by his wife while he is abroad. However, the wife clarifies that this is not the truth.

As per the wife’s account, Big Akwes had the misconception that living abroad was a breeze, failing to realize the stark contrast between going on holidays there and actually residing and working there.

The wife has given him a stern warning to stop embarrassing her with his melancholic TikTok videos, or else she will be compelled to reveal his actions.

She claims to have discovered a few job opportunities for him overseas, but the actor is hesitant to embrace these suggestions due to his self-perception as a star.

According to the wife, Big Akwes considers himself a prominent figure and would not be interested in taking on a cleaning job overseas.


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