Dr. Kwaku Oteng

“I am a Christian, it is not true that i have 6 wives”– Dr. Kwaku Oteng

Ghanaian business mogul and chairman of the Angel Group of Companies, Dr. Kwaku Oteng, has denied rumors that he is married to over six wives.

He emphasized that as a devoted Christian, about 98 percent of the news circulating about him, especially regarding his family and marital life, is fabricated.

Dr. Oteng believes that being a prominent figure in society has made him a target for false accusations. He stated that people tend to tarnish the reputation of prominent individuals, like himself, without any basis.

Despite the negative stories circulating about him, Dr. Oteng asserted that only a small percentage of the accusations against him are true.

He highlighted the importance of being surrounded by supportive individuals and acknowledged that he is not perfect, but faces constant scrutiny due to his status.

In a previous interview, Dr. Oteng expressed his belief that having multiple wives brings more blessings than having extramarital affairs.

He defended his choice to marry more than one woman, citing that it is not a sin and is in line with the teachings of the Bible.

Dr. Kwaku Oteng urged the public to focus on positive aspects of his life rather than spreading false information about him.


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