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“I am a man” – Bobrisky replies judge after he was asks about his gender in court

Popular Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju, famously known as Bobrisky, has caused a stir online with his response to a judge’s question about his gender in court.

When questioned about his gender, Bobrisky, who refers to himself as the “Mummy of Lagos,” identified as male, consequently, he was sentenced to six months in the Ikoyi Correctional Centre.

The judge explained that incarcerating Bobrisky for currency abuse would serve as a deterrent to others engaging in similar activities.

In response to this news, social media users shared their opinions. Some suggested that the judge should have also questioned Bobrisky about his refusal to remove his nails.

Others expressed hopes that upon his release, Bobrisky would embrace his male identity, get married, and start a family.

Some users joked that Bobrisky had landed himself in trouble by identifying as male in court.

Despite the varied reactions, many fans expressed their support for Bobrisky, believing that he would emerge from this experience even stronger.

Overall, Bobrisky’s court appearance and subsequent sentencing have ignited discussions online, with differing views on his gender identity and the consequences of his actions.

Despite the controversy, it is evident that Bobrisky’s presence continues to spark conversation and divide opinions among the public.


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