“I am not gay but I eat my wife from the Back” – Wanlov

Wanlov the Kubolor recently shared during an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje that although he is not gay, he is a fan of anal sex and engages in it with consenting women.

The conversation took place in the context of the passage of the Anti-LGBTQ bill, to which Wanlov expressed his belief that it is unnecessary to use culture or religion to dictate how individuals choose to live their lives. He argued that when two individuals of the same gender enter into a relationship, as long as no one is being harmed, there should be no crime to be punished.

When asked about the issue of gay men engaging in sexual activities with children, Wanlov pointed out that existing laws already address such behavior as defilement and rape. He emphasized the importance of enforcing these laws rather than creating new ones specifically targeting the LGBTQ community.

Overall, Wanlov’s views on the Anti-LGBTQ bill and the rights of individuals to engage in consensual relationships without interference from the government reflect his belief in personal freedom and autonomy. He believes that society should focus on preventing harm and protecting vulnerable individuals, rather than legislating against individuals based on their sexual orientation or preferences.

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