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“I am not lazy, i didn’t come to Germany to work”- Big Akwess

Big Akwes has responded to Ghanaians who have criticized him for not working during his 6-month stay in Germany.
Ghanaian actor Big Akwes has responded to critics who have accused him of laziness for declining a job as a cleaner in Germany.

The actor journeyed to reunite with his wife in Germany, but living in a foreign land nearly plunged him into a state of melancholy.

When he’s feeling alone at home while his wife is out working, he turns to social media to express his emotions, leading some to speculate that his wife is mistreating him overseas.

His wife, concerned, urged him to stop sharing his melancholic videos on TikTok.

The wife explained that she has helped Big Akwes find employment, but he believes that working as a cleaner is beneath him due to his status as a well-known celebrity in Ghana.

He faced criticism from social media users, and even Ghanaians working in similar positions overseas mocked him.

At long last, Big Akwes has provided comprehensive answers to all inquiries regarding his time in Germany.

During a TikTok live chat, he expressed admiration for Ghanaians who reside and work overseas, acknowledging the challenges they face based on his own observations during his brief time in Germany.

Big Akwes then clarified that his purpose in coming to Germany was not to settle down and find employment, but rather for a temporary visit. He requested that people refrain from labeling him as lazy.

Big Akwes stated that he visited the location to see his wife and purchase perfumes and other items for his shop in Ghana.

After a 6-month stay, he will be wrapping up his time this weekend and heading back to Ghana with his purchases in tow.


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