“I am not stingy, I give out money when I feel like giving out money” – Sarkodie

• CEO of Sarkcess Music, Sarkodie, expresses dissatisfaction with being recorded giving money.
• He believes having a camera during giving diminishes his respect for the recipient.
• Sarkodie’s true self, ‘Michael’, sometimes conflicts with public expectations.
• Despite public pressure, Sarkodie remains committed to his values and actions.
• Despite public trend, he prioritizes maintaining integrity over being perceived as stingy.


Sarkodie, the CEO of Sarkcess Music, expressed his dissatisfaction with being recorded giving money to people.

He believes that having a camera present while he is giving money to others diminishes the respect he has for the recipient.

During an interview on the South African-based podcast, ‘PodcastAndChill’ with MacG, Sarkodie shared his thoughts on the matter.

He stated, “I hate when they have a camera on me and I have to give money to people,” emphasizing that it makes him feel like he does not respect the person in need.

Sarkodie mentioned that his true self, ‘Michael’, sometimes conflicts with what is expected of him as a public figure.

Despite public expectations, he remains committed to staying true to his values and choosing to act according to his desires.

He pointed out that while there is a certain way he prefers to give money to others, the practice of doing it for the camera is popular among the public.

However, he is unwilling to change his ways to conform to this trend. Ultimately, he prioritizes maintaining his integrity over being perceived as stingy.


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