“I am prove that Ghanaians support their own”- Afua Asantewaa

Afua Asantewaa Aduonum does not agree with the belief that Ghanaians do not support their own.

She expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support she received from Ghanaians during her Guinness World Records sing-a-thon attempt in December 2023.

In an interview on Okay FM, Afua emphasized that she has personally experienced the support and encouragement of her fellow Ghanaians.

She highlighted the dedication of some individuals who stayed with her throughout the entire event, even foregoing basic needs like bathing.

Afua described the support she received as incredible and expressed her deep appreciation for it.

Due to the overwhelming support from Ghanaians, Afua Asantewaa has announced her intention to make another attempt at the sing-a-thon, after her initial try was unsuccessful.

She mentioned that she would be willing to undertake the challenge again if it is something that Ghanaians want and if it is approved by her husband and management team.

Afua’s willingness to try again shows her determination and gratitude towards her supporters.

She is ready to take on the challenge once more, driven by the encouragement and backing of the Ghanaian community.


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