“I am ready to act P()rn”- Frank Naro

Frank Naro, a popular Kumawood actor who has recently ventured into music, has caused a stir with his latest revelation.

The actor, who rose to fame through his acting career, has declared that he is content with his current role as a musician and has no desire to return to acting.

This surprising statement has generated a lot of buzz on social media platforms.

During an interview on TVXYZ on May 6, 2024, Frank Naro made it clear that he no longer has any interest in acting, despite the success it brought him.

He emphasized that his decision is not based on financial reasons but rather a personal choice to focus on his music career.

However, he did mention one exception that could potentially lure him back to the world of acting.

Frank Naro revealed that he would consider returning to acting only if he were offered a role in a pornographic movie.

This revelation has shocked many of his fans and followers, as it is a drastic departure from his previous roles in family-friendly films.

He explained that he is intrigued by the idea of exploring new and challenging roles, especially ones that he has not yet tried.

In conclusion, Frank Naro’s unexpected disclosure has sparked a debate among his fans and the public.

While some may question his decision to potentially act in a pornographic film, others admire his willingness to push boundaries and take on unconventional roles.

Only time will tell if Frank Naro will indeed make a return to acting under these unique circumstances.

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