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I am sorry. I only posted Jnr Pope’s corpse to let people know he is indeed dead – Actor, Jerry Amilo reveals

Nollywood veteran, Jerry Amilo, has issued an apology for posting a video of late actor Jnr Pope’s corpse online.

Amilo has faced criticism on social media for sharing the video, which he recorded shortly after Jnr Pope was confirmed dead by a doctor.

In response to the backlash, Amilo explained that he shared the video to dispel rumors that Jnr Pope was still alive. He stated that his intention was not to seek attention or gain popularity.

Amilo also addressed accusations from Prince Eke, whom he accused of calling him out just to attract attention.

It is worth noting that there were conflicting reports about Jnr Pope’s status, with some claiming he had been revived after his death was initially reported.

Amilo’s apology comes in the form of a video, where he expresses remorse for his actions. He acknowledges the hurt caused by the video and takes responsibility for his mistake.

The veteran actor emphasizes that his only aim was to inform the public about Jnr Pope’s passing and not to sensationalize the tragedy.

In conclusion, Jerry Amilo’s apology serves as a reminder of the importance of sensitivity and respect in handling delicate situations, especially in the public eye.

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