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“I am very lucky, i only attract rich men”- Salma Mumin

• Salma Mumin, a Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, shares her lavish lifestyle funding sources.
• She credits her lifestyle to her businesses, including clothing brand Lure By Salma and eatery Salma Eatry.
• She also acknowledges the support of wealthy men who are drawn to her beauty and charm.
• Her attractiveness acts as a magnet for these affluent suitors who provide financial assistance.


Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Salma Mumin, has recently addressed the origins of her funding for her lavish lifestyle.

In a candid interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso, known as Delay on the popular Delay Show aired on TV3 and YouTube, Salma Mumin openly discussed her extravagant lifestyle.

Initially, she attributed her opulent lifestyle to her hard work and dedication to her businesses, including her clothing brand, Lure By Salma, and eatery, Salma Eatry.

However, when pressed by Delay about whether her businesses alone could support her luxurious lifestyle, Salma Mumin reluctantly admitted that she also benefits from the support of wealthy men who are attracted to her beauty and charm.

She shared that her attractiveness acts as a magnet for these affluent suitors who willingly provide financial assistance.

To learn more about Salma Mumin’s revelations, you can watch the full interview below…


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