“I bought My New Lexus Car Worth GHS 520,000 From The Savings I Made Whiles Managing Lil win”- Zack GH

Ghanaian actor and artiste, Zack GH, shared some valuable advice for his colleagues in a recent interview. Known for his frugal lifestyle and focus on savings, Zack emphasized the importance of planning and consistent effort in managing finances.

He revealed his personal savings strategy, stating that he always sets aside a portion of his earnings before spending any money.

For example, before spending GHS 1,000, Zack ensures that he has the same amount saved.

Expressing dissatisfaction with creatives who resort to begging for financial assistance, Zack urged his peers to prioritize financial planning and be mindful of their spending habits.

He emphasized the need for patience and discipline when it comes to making big purchases, citing his own experience of saving diligently before buying his new Lexus car, which cost GHS 520,000.

Zack’s message serves as a reminder to his fellow actors and artists about the importance of financial responsibility and long-term planning.

By following his example of saving before spending and making thoughtful financial decisions, individuals in the creative industry can achieve their goals and secure their financial future.

Watch Zack’s insightful interview for more inspiration.

Watch the interview below…

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