‘I Breathe Better Than Others’ – Akrobeto Replies Critics Saying His Nose Is Big

Akrobeto, a well-known media personality and actor in Kumawood, recently responded to critics suggesting he undergo plastic surgery to reduce the size of his nose.

On his show, Real News on UTV, he addressed comments made by Gospel artiste Celestine Donkor, who stated she would rather invest in her soul than alter her appearance through surgery.

Akrobeto humorously defended his nose, pointing out that it provides functional benefits such as allowing him to breathe more air than others, which he jokingly claimed reduces his chances of getting sick or needing oxygen support.

He stated that he sees no issue with the size of his nose and would rather spend money at a local eatery or ‘chop bar’ than on cosmetic surgery.

In a light-hearted manner, Akrobeto expressed his disbelief in the value of body modifications, highlighting that ageing and death are inevitable for everyone.

He questioned the need for altering one’s appearance when the natural process of ageing is something that everyone will experience.

Overall, Akrobeto’s response to critics urging him to consider plastic surgery for his nose was lighthearted and humorous, with the actor confidently embracing his unique features and choosing to prioritize other aspects of life over cosmetic enhancements.


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