“I Brushed My Teeth Almost 6 Times After The Kissing Scene In My Movie” – Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage, a well-known Nigerian musician, shared in a recent interview with BET that she took extra precautions before filming a kissing scene in her debut movie, ‘Water & Garri’.

She revealed that she brushed her teeth multiple times, around six times, to ensure she was fresh and presentable on set.

The kissing scene was scheduled for her first day of filming, so she wanted to make a good impression and ensure her co-star was comfortable during the intimate moment.

Tiwa emphasized the importance of being considerate towards her co-stars and their comfort, as it could influence the overall atmosphere on set.

She mentioned that her co-star, Andrew Bunting, also took similar precautions by rinsing his mouth multiple times before the scene.

Despite the nerves and anticipation, Tiwa expressed gratitude for the supportive and friendly nature of the cast, which helped make her first day on set, particularly during the filming of the kissing scene, a positive and comfortable experience.

‘Water & Garri’ has already made a significant impact, becoming the top weekend opener in the history of Prime Video Nigeria with the highest number of views among all available titles on the platform.

Tiwa’s dedication to her role and attention to detail in preparing for the kissing scene reflects her commitment to delivering a stellar performance in her acting debut.

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