“I can’t date you if you’re not paying me monthly” – Slay Queen tells men

A Nigerian Slay Queen, known as @mrswhite_888 on TikTok, recently caused a stir when she outlined her expectations for any potential suitor.

In a video posted on the platform, the young woman emphasized that she is looking for a man who can cater to her needs and treat her like a queen. Among the requirements she listed were simple gestures like opening doors and pulling out chairs, as well as more substantial offerings such as monthly allowances and sponsored trips.

The self-proclaimed “slay queen” advised other women to not settle for anything less than they deserve and to maintain their value by not being too accessible to men. While her confidence and self-assuredness may be admirable to some, her demands have sparked criticism and backlash from many who view her expectations as excessive and entitled.

It is clear that @mrswhite_888 values herself highly and expects the same level of respect and adoration from any potential partner. Whether her bold approach will lead to finding a suitable match remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – she is unapologetically outspoken about her worth and what she believes she deserves in a relationship.


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