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I can’t lie so I won’t join politics – Kofi Kinaata says

Musician Kofi Kinaata has made it clear that he has no intention of entering the world of politics, unlike some of his fellow entertainers.

He believes that he would not be able to thrive in such an environment as he values truthfulness, which is often overlooked in the political arena.

Kinaata expressed his preference to focus on his music career rather than consider a move into politics, stating that in politics, the truth is often twisted to fit a certain narrative.

He mentioned that various political parties have approached him, but he has decided not to affiliate with any of them.

Despite being friends with politicians, he prefers to evaluate policies and programs rather than blindly supporting a particular party.

Kinaata expressed frustration with the current state of politics in Ghana, noting that politicians often prioritize party loyalty over the well-being of the country.

He criticized the lack of real change and improvement in the country despite the promises made by politicians.

Kinaata believes that the people’s strong allegiance to their parties hinders progress and prevents meaningful discussions about important issues.

Ultimately, he feels disillusioned by the political landscape and prefers to stay true to his values by focusing on his music career.



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