“I celebrated my birthday at the cemetery to feed my hungry ancestors” – Oboy Siki

Controversial Kumawood Actor Oboy Siki recently made headlines for celebrating his birthday at the cemetery, a decision he explained was made to honor his family’s ancestors.

Dressed in traditional Kente attire, Oboy Siki was seen at the cemetery with cakes, drinks, and pouring libations as part of the celebration.

In an interview with AMBASSADOR TV GH, he clarified that the unusual location for his birthday celebration was not for the sake of social media attention, but rather a personal and spiritual gesture towards his ancestors.

Oboy Siki revealed that he had received dreams from his ancestors directing him to feed them on his birthday as a form of communication and sacrifice.

Despite initially planning to carry out the ritual in his hometown, he opted for the cemetery due to time constraints.

He expressed uncertainty about whether his ancestors were satisfied with the offerings but remained hopeful that they would communicate with him in his dreams soon.

The actor emphasized that his decision was not driven by a desire for social media trends, as he believed he was already popular on various platforms.

Oboy Siki reiterated that the celebration was a sincere and meaningful gesture towards his ancestors, reflecting his deep spiritual beliefs and connection to his family heritage.

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