“I chopped Serwaa Amihere just a day after my wedding” – Henry Fitz (See Screenshot)

• Businessman posts damaging social media updates after court summons.
• Reveals sexual encounter with Serwaa Amihere, one day after his 2019 wedding.
• Alleges Serwaa views him as a wealth source and exploits him.
• Alleges his wife discovered the affair, nearly leading to marriage collapse.
• Warns Serwaa to stop unnecessarily attacking him and advises her to cease actions that could harm him further.


The businessman has recently posted a series of damaging updates on his social media accounts after receiving a court summons from the state.

According to Henry, in a shocking post that has caused quite a stir among social media users, he revealed that he had a sexual encounter with Serwaa Amihere just one day after his wedding in 2019.

Henry accused Serwaa of viewing him as a source of wealth and using all means necessary to take advantage of him.

He went on to claim that his wife eventually discovered the affair with Serwaa, which nearly led to the collapse of his marriage.

In his post, Henry warned Serwaa to stop attacking him unnecessarily, threatening to retaliate like a hungry lion if she continued.

He advised her to cease all actions that could potentially harm him further.

To learn more details about the situation, you can refer to the screenshot provided below.

The businessman’s social media activity has intensified following the legal action taken against him by the state.

Henry’s revelations about his relationship with Serwaa Amihere have stirred up controversy and drawn attention from online audiences.

The situation has put a strain on his marriage and has led to a public back-and-forth between him and Serwaa.

As the drama unfolds, it remains to be seen how both parties will navigate the fallout from these revelations.

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