I Chopped You Way Back In School, Stop Mentioning My Name Like I Chop You Everytime – Criss Waddle Warns Abena Korkor

Criss Waddle has issued a warning to Abena Korkor, urging her to refrain from mentioning his name during her moments of mental relapse.

The musician took to a social media platform to deliver this message directly to Abena, tagging her in the post.

In his post, Criss Waddle emphasized that it has been years since they last interacted, and he urged her to stop giving people the impression that they have been intimate every time she experiences an episode.

In a follow-up post, Criss Waddle expressed his respect for Abena and women in general, but he also emphasized the importance of respecting his boundaries and privacy, especially considering that he has a family.

He addressed the false belief that he had been waiting for Abena to experience mental health challenges before engaging in any form of relationship with her.

Overall, Criss Waddle’s message to Abena Korkor is clear: he wants her to stop mentioning his name during her relapses and to respect his personal space and privacy.

He wants to set the record straight and ensure that there is no misunderstanding or false information circulating about their relationship.

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