I concealed Fella’s tattoo to save my new relationship – Medikal

• Rapper Medikal covered up his ex-wife Fella Makafui’s tattoo after their separation.
• Covering the tattoo was not a regret over his past relationship, but to protect future relationships.
• Medikal aims to avoid discomfort with a new partner seeing his tattoo permanently.
• His decision highlights his consideration of potential partners’ feelings and perceptions.
• Medikal’s perspective offers insight into navigating past relationships while forming new romantic connections.


Rapper Medikal recently explained the reason behind covering up the tattoo of his ex-wife Fella Makafui’s name on his hand.

Speculations arose after reports surfaced that he had concealed the tattoo following their separation.

Many social media users speculated about the significance of this action. However, during an interview on 3 Music, Medikal clarified that his decision was not fueled by regret over his past relationship with Fella Makafui.

Instead, he revealed that he covered the tattoo as a means of protecting any future relationships he might have.

Medikal expressed his desire to avoid any potential discomfort with a new partner seeing his ex-wife’s name permanently inked on his hand.

He emphasized that he did not want this to create any awkward situations in his future relationships.

Medikal’s explanation sheds light on the personal nature of his decision to conceal the tattoo.

It highlights his consideration of the feelings and perceptions of any potential partners in his life moving forward.

By sharing his perspective, Medikal offers insight into the complexities of navigating past relationships while embarking on new romantic connections.

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