I did drɔgs with Suzzy Williams – Afia Schwarzenegger confesses

Afia Schwarzenegger has strongly criticized the late Suzzy Williams and those who mention Nana Ama McBrown in discussions about Suzzy Williams.

This comes in response to recent interviews by Suzzy Williams’ mother, where she talked about her daughter’s death and how her colleagues allegedly abandoned her afterward.

Afia Schwarzenegger believes that the mother should stop blaming others for her daughter’s demise, as she was aware of Suzzy’s involvement in drug use and reckless behavior.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, Suzzy Williams was living a wild lifestyle, associating with the wrong people, and using drugs like weed in clubs.

She reveals that Suzzy was still partying at Jokers before the accident and that drugs were found on her body when she was taken to Lester Hospital.

Afia Schwarzenegger uses Suzzy Williams’ story as a cautionary tale for mothers, emphasizing the importance of discipline in raising children.

She dismisses the mother’s claims that Suzzy’s colleagues neglected her, stating that no one owes the mother anything.

Afia Schwarzenegger argues that if the mother had intervened and corrected her daughter’s behavior, Suzzy would still be alive today.

This controversial stance taken by Afia Schwarzenegger highlights her belief that personal responsibility and discipline are crucial in preventing tragedies like Suzzy Williams’ untimely death.

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