“I did several abortions for you and even took a loan to support you”- Lady exposes popular pastor in Kumasi

In a shocking revelation on a live radio show hosted by Aunty Naa, a young Ghanaian woman named Linda Opoku made a series of disturbing allegations against a pastor in Kumasi known as Pastor Antwi.

Linda accused the pastor of exploiting her and betraying her trust, sharing a horrifying story of being coerced into having an abortion and experiencing sexual abuse.

During the live discussion, Linda bravely shared the painful details of her ordeal, shedding light on Pastor Antwi’s alleged manipulative behavior.

She claimed that the pastor used kind words to entice her into a relationship, only to subject her to a series of traumatic events.

Linda alleged that Pastor Antwi took advantage of their encounters, forcing her to engage in intimate acts with him during their visits to hotels.

In addition to the sexual encounters, the pastor also convinced Linda to take out a loan for him, but he has since refused to repay her.

Throughout her distressing account, Linda revealed that she is not the only victim of Pastor Antwi’s alleged deceit within the church.


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