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“I Didn’t Get The Support I Needed” – Fella Makafui Reveals Why She Has Kept Her Other Businesses From Social Media

Ghanaian actress, influencer, and entrepreneur, Fella Makafui, has revealed the reason behind her decision to keep some of her businesses private.

In an interview with Berla Mundi on “The Day Show,” Fella opened up about feeling betrayed by close friends and family when she first introduced her business ventures to them.

She had hoped for their support and assistance in growing her company, but was disappointed by the lack of encouragement she received.

Fella, known for her role in the TV series YOLO, ventured into the beauty business with her line “Beauty by Fella Makafui.”

However, she was disheartened by the response from those closest to her, who she had expected would be her biggest cheerleaders.

This experience led her to the decision to keep her other business endeavors under wraps to avoid similar disappointment.

The actress emphasized the importance of having a supportive network and how the lack of it can impact one’s confidence and motivation.

Fella’s candid revelation sheds light on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, especially women, in gaining support and recognition for their ventures.

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