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“I Didn’t Know The Money was Fraud Money” – Hajia 4 Real says in Court

Hajia 4 Real recently disclosed in court that she was unaware of the fraudulent origins of the money she was receiving from her partners when she first started accepting it. The transcripts from the court proceedings for her plea bargain have been circulating on social media, shedding light on the details of her case.

According to the documents, Hajia 4 Real has been sentenced to jail time for transferring funds from her partners in the Bronx, New York to her accounts in Ghana. She admitted to being instructed to send the money, acknowledging that she was aware it was obtained through illegal means, although she claimed she did not realize it was derived from fraud at the time.

It seems that Hajia 4 Real found herself entangled in a web of criminal activity without fully understanding the implications of her actions. While she may have been complicit in transferring the money, her lack of knowledge about its fraudulent origins raises questions about her level of involvement in the scheme.

Despite her claims of ignorance, she is facing the consequences of her actions and will have to serve time for her role in the illicit money transfers.

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