I don’t care if she meets richer men; She’ll never leave me – Afua Asantewaa’s husband

Mr. Kofi Aduonum, husband to the internationally acclaimed Ghanaian sing-a-thon world record contender, Afua Asantewaa, has dismissed speculations regarding the stability of their marriage. Amidst her burgeoning fame, concerns have been raised about the durability of their marital bond.

Aduonum is firm in his belief that his wife’s success and growing popularity, which have brought her into contact with numerous influential figures, will not affect their relationship. Countering public opinion that his wife is now beyond his league, he maintains that they are solidly united.

He expressed his sentiments during an interview: “My wife was meeting bigger people before, but nobody knew her. People think she became popular after the Sing-a-thon. No! If a woman is bad, she is bad. I don’t have any fears,” he declared. His comments seek to dispel any misconceptions about their relationship and his wife’s character.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2017, have three children. Aduonum gained some public attention for his encouraging support for his wife during her Guinness World Record singing attempt at the Akwaabaa village in December 2023. Despite the difference in their personalities, Aduonum’s unwavering faith in his wife’s loyalty highlights their enduring bond.

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