“I don’t drink nor smoke, that’s why I still look young”- Bukom Banku

Bukom Banku, the retired Ghanaian boxer, has attributed his youthful appearance at 46 to his disciplined lifestyle, stating that he has never consumed alcohol or smoked.

In an interview with 3FM, he emphasized his commitment to a healthy lifestyle as the reason behind his well-maintained physique and youthful look.

Banku, who is a practicing Muslim, credited his religious beliefs and personal principles for his abstinence from alcohol.

With a successful boxing career that spans decades, including a bronze medal at the 1999 African Games, Banku has earned recognition both locally and internationally.

Despite a defeat in 2017, he is still regarded as a boxing legend due to his resilience and skill in the ring. Banku’s influence extends beyond the sport, as his son Ambitious Tilapia has emerged as a rising star in boxing.

Ambitious Tilapia recently surpassed his father’s African Games record by winning a silver medal in the 2023 African Games.

Despite facing challenges, Banku is confident in his son’s abilities and believes in his potential to excel in the sport.

He expressed pride in his son’s determination to carry on the family legacy in boxing, despite the pressure of competing in front of a large crowd.


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