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“I don’t eat meat” – Okyeame Kwame gives tips on what keeps him looking young

Ghanaian rapper and songwriter Okyeame Kwame has shared that his youthful appearance can be attributed to his vegan lifestyle. He avoids consuming any products derived from animals, including meat, fish, and eggs.

In a conversation with Afia Owusu, Okyeame emphasized the importance of reducing sugar and meat intake to prevent a significant portion of diseases. He stated that by cutting down on these two food groups, one could potentially avoid 60% of illnesses worldwide.

Okyeame highlighted the importance of listening to one’s body as they age, a practice he adopted at the age of 40.

He believes that the body sends signals that may not be immediately understood until later in life. By being attuned to his body’s needs and making conscious dietary choices, Okyeame has been able to maintain his youthful appearance and overall health.

The rapper’s decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle reflects his commitment to health and well-being.

By eliminating animal products from his diet, Okyeame has found a way to support his body’s natural processes and reduce his risk of developing various diseases.

His advice serves as a reminder of the significant impact that diet can have on overall health and longevity.

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