“I Don’t Focus On Üsëlëss Things “- Nacee F!rës Back At Broda Sammy

Nacee has finally broken his silence and responded to fellow gospel musician Broda Sammy’s previous negative remarks about him.

Broda Sammy had criticized Nacee in an interview, claiming that Nacee had sabotaged his YouTube channel after participating in the “Aseda” challenge.

He also accused Nacee of blocking his chances of receiving a TGMA nomination in an interview with Sean City TV.

In a recent interview with Andy Dosty, Nacee fired back at Broda Sammy, calling him an empty barrel that makes the most noise.

He stated that he had heard all of Broda Sammy’s comments and didn’t bother confronting him because he believed that people who make a lot of noise are not worth his time.

Nacee’s response comes after a long period of silence, during which Broda Sammy’s remarks went unanswered.

Nacee’s decision not to engage with Broda Sammy directly reflects his belief that it is not worth his time to engage with individuals who seek attention through negative means.

Overall, Nacee’s response to Broda Sammy’s comments showcases his maturity and refusal to be dragged into unnecessary drama.

By choosing to focus on his music and career instead of engaging in petty conflicts, Nacee demonstrates his professionalism and commitment to his craft.

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