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“I don’t know what MOMO is, i don’t use it”- Sandra Ankobia Rejects MOMO As A Birthday Gift From A Fan

Sandra Ankobia recently took to her social media platforms to commemorate her birthday.

Amidst the well wishes and messages of love from her fans, one particular follower went a step further and requested for her mobile money details, expressing a desire to share his modest funds with her as a gift.

However, Sandra graciously declined the offer, thanking the fan for his kind gesture.

In a heartfelt response, Sandra expressed her gratitude for the fan’s thoughtfulness and generosity.

She explained that while she appreciated the sentiment behind the offer, she felt uncomfortable accepting money from her followers.

Sandra emphasized that the support and love she receives from her fans are more than enough for her and that she prefers to interact with them on a personal level rather than through monetary transactions.

Sandra’s response exemplifies her humility and appreciation for her fan base.

By rejecting the fan’s gift, she reinforces the value she places on genuine connections and relationships with her supporters. She also sets a positive example by prioritizing meaningful interactions over material offerings.

Overall, Sandra Ankobia’s response to the fan’s request reflects her graciousness and integrity.

She is grateful for the support she receives from her followers and chooses to reciprocate that love in ways that go beyond monetary exchanges.

Her actions serve as a reminder of the importance of authenticity and genuine connections in a world often driven by materialism.

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