I Don’t Regret Doing My Body, I’ve Gained More Opportunities After Doing It – Salma Mumin Discloses

• Actress and businesswoman Salma Mumin confidently admits to undergoing plastic surgery to enhance her backside.
• Openly admitted to the procedure last year.
• In response to criticism, Mumin defended her decision on Instagram.
• In a recent interview, she reiterated her satisfaction with the procedure and did not regret it.
• She is unapologetic about her decision to enhance her body through surgical means.


Salma Mumin has made it clear that she has no regrets about getting plastic surgery to enhance her body. The actress and businesswoman confidently told Delay in a recent interview that undergoing a procedure to increase the size of her backside was the best decision she has ever made.

Last year, Salma openly admitted to having surgical enhancements done to her body.

In response to critics, she took to Instagram to defend her choice, stating that the person enjoying her enhanced figure is not complaining, and she wanted the world to know about her Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

In a recent interview snippet, Salma reiterated her satisfaction with her decision and emphasized that she does not regret it at all.

The actress seems determined to shut down any criticism or doubts about her choice to undergo plastic surgery.

It is clear that Salma is confident in her decision and is unapologetic about her choice to enhance her body through surgical means.

See a snippet of her interview below;


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